Golden Ears Provincial Park

Golden Ears Provincial Park

Project Type: Celtic Crusade, Travel & Adventure Feed

Equipment used: Canon 5D Mark III, Mavic Pro

Photo taken at: Golden Ears Provincial Park

Part 2. Fast forward tot he choice of hike and we hit a snag. During winter months, which evidently include end of fall and some of spring, the park closes at 5:30pm. Bolting its gates so that reckless 7pm hikers get trapped in its belly, never to be seen again…. until the following morning. Sadly we could only do a. The lucky winner turned out to be. Ill be honest, Im not the-spotting type but the forest and Ive heard are pretty damn impressive. So we set off on the short and sweet 5km falls hike. Beginning at the car park, the trail takes you through an eerily quiet mossy, reminiscent of dorothy’s yellow brick journey @dailyhivevancouver @vancitywild @viawesome

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