Ive got wood

I feel happiest when I’m creating. It’s taken me a while to pin exactly where my happy comes from? Filmmaking? photography? Design? Painting? Fitness? The question never gave me an answer because, like most, I thought one dimensionally. Society always dictates that we focus our careers and specialse. This doesn’t have to be your reality. Generalizing within multiple areas can give you a leg up in this world. You just have to illustrate commitment, experience and skill in those areas.

Matts morning commute thoughts set aside, here is my latest project. 

Our bed broke a few months ago leaving is to get a new one and cast out the old. So we broke it down and left the pile of wood ready to be taken to the garbage in the morning. For some reason the thought of this tree giving its life so we could have just a few years of kip only to be added to the already overspilling vancouver garbage problem bugged me. So I began wondering what I could create it with it.

The easiest and simplest idea was of course personized picture frames! I mean why not? Large Wooden picture frames can cost a fair bit and here we had as many as we wanted for free! Free picture frames! No brainer.

Anyway, I did a little research and found some decent articles on how to go about making a frame.

So here’s what I used: a chisel, hammer, adhesive, picture frame hooks, all of which I had lying around. The only thing I had to purchase was the home hardware Mitre Box, with Saw and Clamp, that cost 25 bucks.

It’s pretty straight forward. Measure the size of the top and side of the item you want to frame. Take each measurement and decrease it by 5mm. Mark this on your wood. Use the clamp and saw on a 45 degree angle. Once done glue your picture frame pieces together and hold them together by clamps, or cups as I did, and wait for them to dry. Once dry used industrial tape to tape your picture in to the frame and hey presto your wooden homemade picture frame is complete!

I used mine to frame some sheep. Yes sheep. I Hope ewe like it.


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