Some painting to love

Currently boarding a train heading for YVR airport. Destination? Vegas! Can’t wait to see the amazing architecture, lights, desert and tackle the Black Jack tables to see if I really am Rainman material.

As it’s my mothers birthday in a few weeks, and with Mother’s Day on the horizon, I decided to do something special for her; as I don’t have to rely on the dreaded Canada Post to deliver it.

Combining New Media design, photography and acrylic painting I created a tribute to the late George Michael. The design was inspired by various other renowned artists such as Vincent Van Gough, Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. It also draws from the pop art / pop culture era during which Wham stormed across the globe, creating hype around the band and George Michael himself. 

My mother is more than a deadicated fan of George’s. She is obsessed! I wanted to create a loud and fun centre piece design that could be mounted in one of the main rooms back home. The piece took roughly two weeks of late nights to complete. Let’s keep our fingers crossed she’s as much a fan of the painting as of the man himself. 

Love you mam